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Past Events

February 2010 Cigar Event

Rob with Litto GomezThe next event at Casa Belicoso Cigar Lounge will feature cigars from La Flor Dominicana (LFD). Litto Gomez (pictured here with Rob in New Orleans last August) is the creative genius behind the La Flor Dominicana & LG Diez brands. LFD came on the scene in the mid 90’s during the height of the cigar boom.  Most new brands that came out at that time have faded due to quality and production issues and the fact that the founders of the brands were looking to capitalize on the boom and capture a quick buck. This was not the case for Litto and his wife Ines. They have a true passion for cigars and understood that to do it right, they were going to have to grow slowly and learn the business. Flash forward 15 years and the Gomez’s have their own farms, Factory and distribution. They produce a full-line of cigars from mild to extremely full-bodied that are sure to meet your expectations.





La Flor Dominicana


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